Thursday, August 6, 2009

End of Summer

So, the end is near. Thank God~! I know, I should'nt wish for summer to be over, but please send your kids back to school, now! Vanier library has been very busy the last couple of months. We are located beside a day camp, so the camp counsellors like to dump their kids on me twice a day. The kids are not interested in reading, they would much rather scream and play tag. What else would you do in a library? It's very frustrating, because they don't even take out books. So, I have nothing to prove statistically that the library gets turned upside down twice a day, and us workers have to pick up after them.
I have to say with all the bustle, I met some really cool kids over the summer. I have kids from Wabano Aboriginal Centre for health, who come for my weekly Summer Reading Club activities. they are seriously funny kids, and my new source of comedic material.

In other news, I get to go on vacation up North to Iqaluit for a week. I will be kayaking, boating, mountain biking and hiking. I can't wait. My wonderful friend Jen sent me a ticket to go visit her. She's so generous. The last time I went was in January, so it will look completely different this time around. She talks about a river, but I didn't see any last time. Oh yeah, here's the kicker!My boss, who I should be getting away from, will be staying right next door to Jen's place at the bed and breakfast. It's purely coincidence, and our vacation will only be overlapping for 2 days. We do plan on going for a hike or visiting the Iqaluit library, because that's what librarians do on vacation. Visit other libraries. NERDS

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Alex said...

you guys ARE nerds! take a picture for me!