Friday, May 8, 2009


Alex and I did a little promoting today outside of the Vanier Library. A few hundred kids came to the park to celebrate La Francophonie. This was the perfect opportunity to promote and talk about the summer reading club, which is themed AGENT 009, detectives and spies.
Although, it's my first year with the whole SRC experience, I'm glad that the theme is a good one. I didn't realize until now, all the work that went into these summer reading clubs. When I asked Alex to give me a brief explanation about the SRC, I couldn't believe the planning I was going to have to do. Eight weeks of activities!! I was like "^%#%&". Then I was like "*&^", seriously? For real?
I figured my summer, my summer was going to be consumed with this SRC. However, I later calmed down, and Alex said I can do whatever I want in terms of planning activities. Thank gaawd! So, I brought it down a notch and hopefully it will work out good, and I can still go on holidays this summer! Pheewf!

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Alex said...

We had a super fun day! Speaking of "^%#%&", I yelled variations of "^%#%&" at that pop-up sign pretty much the whole time before you arrived. I was a very foul mouthed librarian!