Sunday, November 15, 2009

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It is now Mid November and my programs are almost finished. I don't have to much planned for December except for a few Story times for schools and day cares. I'm very hesitant about going to these locations because I'm pregnant, and kids are dirty. My Doctor who is in Quebec(vive le Quebec) doesn't want me near kids. She said that if I worked in Quebec I would of been pulled out of work immediately. Wow, Imagine being off work for 9 months then 1 year?? Dream come true, since I feel like I've been working full time my whole life. Anyhoo, not the case for Ontario workers. I have to go to work. She did write me a note to give to my boss, stating that I should not be around kids. I would feel like a wimp or a hypochondriac if I were to actually take advantage of that. But we'll see!!!
On another note, I had my first meeting with the boys book club and it turned out to be really fun, because I'm like a 12 year old boy myself, so we got along great. I gave them the option of choosing their next book, and they chose a R. L Stine book titled "boarding school and the big blueberry barf off! I figured that would be right up their ally. Of course, what I feared the most happened. I got an e-mail from an upset parent telling me the book wasn't appropriate for her boys and that I should choose a "classic". I should mention that these are home schooled kids, and I was worried that the parents would want me to give them an English class. English was my worst subject, so I was not prepared to do that nor should I, I'm not a teacher.
Anyways, I said to myself "I don't want to read any of the classics why would the boys"? What was I going to do? The fun was going to end. So, I got some advice from a very smart and diplomatic librarian and she said to tell the parent that the book club was for recreational reading and a chance for the boys to socialize. I was like" yes brilliant. Otherwise, I would fought back with words I would of regretted later and canceled the book club. I can be feisty! Instead, I laid my ground and I wasn't going to do something I didn't want to. Turns out the parent was very gracious and didn't realize the goal of the book club. She said that she would herself introduce "classics" to her boys during school time. Perfect!
It's not always easy dealing with parents. They have certain expectations from the library and staff. But really we are there to promote the love of reading and help people find these great books and important information, NOT TEACH!

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Alex said...

you are smart and diplomatic too!

and thx.

now just don't let any of those little rats sneeze on you, 'k?